Welcome to DLC Residential Services

Where individuality, creativity and imagination set a path for the future.

Welcome to DLC Residential

Who we are?

D.L.C. Residential Services is a community based agency providing residential care and treatment where children and youth with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual and related developmental disabilities can lead dignified and enriching lives with opportunities for growth and friendship.  

Established on May 1, 1990, D.L.C. Residential Services has grown from one 8 bed group home to 8 diverse programs that promote a continuum of care.
D.L.C. Residential Services is staffed with service professionals with diverse educational backgrounds including Child & Youth Workers, Developmental Service Workers, Early Childhood Education Workers, Social Workers and BA’s in Child Care and Psychology. 

Children's Services
Children's Services provides residential care and treatment.

D.L.C. respects the individual’s needs, fosters a caring and creative environment and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child & youth.

Transitional Services
Program emphasis is on supporting and enhancing life skills.

Our transitional services offers youth with autism a transitional period between programs.

Respite Services
DLC offers respite services to provide short term care on a case by case basis.

From time to time, D.L.C. Residential Services is able to make available a respite bed that could be utilized for family emergencies, illnesses, social interaction and friendship.

DLC provides assessment services to help determine an individual's skills etc.

D.L.C. Residential Services will consider requests for short term placements for the purpose of providing an assessment of the individual's life skills, community awareness, social skill evaluation...

Recreation Programs
Opportunities to participate in group activities and socialize with others.

D.L.C. Residential Services offers a variety of opportunities for the children and youth to participate in recreational programs offered within our local communities.